nanoQ 0903 hardware update

Discussion in 'Mini 0903 / nano Q' started by Rayman.Chan, Apr 21, 2017.

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    for the old batch 0903, the discharge current of RTC battery is too high so the RTC survive less than 2 days.
    if you can, a DIY work will help (need some DIY solder skill and equipment):
    1, take the battery + pin from PCB, use a heat resisting tape to insulate;
    2, connect the battery +pin with the diode with a 220R resistor
    that means add a resistor between the diode and battery, which will extend the RTC last time effectively.
    <<of course, if you can't DIY, it is OK to send the the camera to our factory to repair>>

    and some users feedback the last files of every driving is damaged, that is because a charging diode was burn/damaged from high input voltage for some reason.
    please replace the SS14 diode with a new one, then the camera will work fine.
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    That must be my issue. I just updated to the latest 4/20/17 fw and I have some damaged unplayable files on my Nanoq that I just bought from Gearbest. Also the 1080p30 video quality is not nearly as good as on youtube videos.
    I couldn't do the fix that Rayman describes. Where do I have to send my Nanoq? Hope it can be repaired in the US. Mailing to China is too expensive.

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