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Oct 20, 2017
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The Beatles' Abbey Road, that was basking comfortably at the No. 1 place for months, had been dislodged with a rude, riff-heavy upstart named Led Zeppelin II.

Hindsight 25 years on is not short on portents and this - along with Manson, Nixon, Altamont and the soon-to-erupt Kent Nation -appeared another indication that the decades of countercultural stability was at a conclusion. On the flip side, the era of arena rock, heavy metal and (quite likely) suburban rec-room air guitar has been airborne. Within a year that the Beatles have been history, along with the 1970s will be Led Zeppelin's for the shooting.

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And take it they'd. Although less than a year old in the time its second record was published, ex-Yardbird Jimmy Page's brand new group had already sent shrapnel flying throughout the audio industry. Formed from the 24-year-old Page, a computing veteran session player and virtuoso guitarist, following the distressed Yardbirds eventually lurks, the brand new outfit was first intended to reach just two of his main aims: It could be wholly self-managed and independent of record-company disturbance, and it might fill the difficult rock gap made by the dissolution of all (fellow ex-Yardbird) Eric Clapton's Cream and unfulfilled from the folk-rock mewlings of the likes of Crosby, Stills and Nash.

As financially shrewd because he was technically gifted, the epicene Page guessed he can steer this new flying machine directly down the center. Then he explained his eyesight. "I'd love to play with it heavy," he said, "but using a great deal of shade and light."

This light/heavy formulation, that would nevertheless be defining the sound of bands like Nirvana, Soundgarden and Smashing Pumpkins two years afterwards, has been in sonic abundance about the group's hastily recorded (30 hours) first record, published first in 1969, but it could be honed into an assaultive artwork about the second.

However, the levee eventually bankrupt.

Considering that word-of-mouth made by knockout live performances could build the group's bedrock following, Page resisted the brand new outfit relentlessly in its very first calendar year. While originally confronted with huge disinterest in the home, the Zeppelin defeated the usa nearly when it landed.

So good was the Stateside requirement for the group's distinctive new white-boy blues attack, Led Zeppelin toured the United States three times throughout 1969 alone. Evidently, this did not leave much time for recording, let alone documenting what could prove to become among the most influential rock albums of all time. Considering that the only means to keep momentum was by balancing live dates using a source of fresh product, Page insisted that the band set its second record through the punishing touring program of 1969.

It was not simple. Booking studio moment anywhere he can do it, Page - whose panic of outside tampering precluded anyone making but himself - ended up gathering Led Zeppelin II literally around the run. Whole Lotta Love , the album opener using the riff that jumped out of your speakers such as machine-gun spray, premiered at Los Angeles. Back in Vancouver, Page wanted vocal overdubs from afar, but surprisingly the sole studio available did not have cans. They listed anyhow.

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Regardless of the fractured nature of the recording procedure, Page, functioning using ex-Hendrix engineer Eddie Kramer, has been a veritable whirlwind of inspiration if he might get behind a console. An enthusiastic disciple of this "distance-is-depth" approach for recording, he always positioned and repositioned microphones, producing soundscapes of echo, reverb and towering electrical noise that could creep their way through even the cheapest of all single-speaker car radios.

To attain the aural pandemonium that divides out midway during Whole Lotta Love, Page and Kramer, in accordance with this latter, were all "only flying about a little console twiddling each knob known as man." The result wasn't just one of those hardest-rocking singles ever to make its approach to top-40 radio - a feat even the radio-wary Page was powerless to prevent - but arguably the very first tune to earn cans a mandatory rock-nerd listening accessory. The terminally understated Page after allowed that the tune "does sound great on cans, I presume."

For Zep scholar Dave Lewis, the impact of Whole Lotta Love was as odious as it was triumphant: "It's," he wrote carefully, "widely considered the blueprint for what has since been famous as heavy-metal music."

Though it was finally bumped from No. 1 from the folk-rock juggernaut of both Simon and Garfunkel's Bridge Over Troubled Water, Led Zeppelin's second record would not fall from the charts to 18 months. (It'd reunite temporarily in 1975.) Plant and Page are back to the charts with a collaboration (No matter) that merely proves how mutually dependent their muses remain now, and you would be hard pushed to locate some guitar-based ring anywhere that has not gone through no less than a couple of copies of this record Rolling Stone patronizingly likened to "one especially heavy tune extended over the distance of two complete sides."

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Then again, pleasing tastemaking magazines not ranked highly on the Zeppelin assignment statement, regardless of the fact that only about each tastemaking magazine could finally be forced to come about. No, the best legacy of Led Zeppelin II finally had much less to do with people acceptance than personal pleasure. At a 1990 career evaluation of this group - that sensibly split after Bonham's death capped the Zeppelin decade at 1980 - writer-director Cameron Crowe pinpointed the basis of the record's enduring irresistibility to get worshippers in the Museum of artful guitar sound: "For a generation of youngsters, teen-age angst was readily aided by a fantastic pair of headphones and an adequate replica of Led Zeppelin II." Amen.
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Jul 7, 2014
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Dash Cam
Gitup F1, A129, B1W, B2W
What are you going to use it for?

Do you not need a screen for framing your video/photos?

Have you used an action camera, or any camera before?

I'm sure we can come up with something better for $200 than those years out of date models...

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May 13, 2015
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too many
I have an old contour roam HD (I think that is the model). It is tough, easy to use, simple. (No bluetooth, no wifi, gps, etc)

The framing isn't so important since the field of view is wide.

The battery door finally fell apart after a couple of years of very rough use. I can probably get the part, just never got around to it.

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Sjcam Sj7 Star or Gitup's Git 2, unless you want a second slave camera for the rear of a car ,Git 3


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Apr 25, 2015
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I'd go for a YI 4k for a budget below 200$
But among those 3, go for a Sony. I would not go below GoPro 3+ Black.

EDIT: YI Lite is better specced than Hero 3, and is 50% of your budget. You can use the money left for extra batteries and accessories.