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Nov 2, 2016
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Does anyone have a view or some advice about where to get inexpensive home alarm monitoring? we had a break-in next door to our house, and with a new job now I can probably afford a good security system, I want to hire a security company to install a good system. But I don't have any previous experience with them Anyone with thoughts or experience in this area? Thanks.
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Oct 11, 2013
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Dash Cam
10 years, many dashcams
There are alarm companies here that offer a range of solutions, some with and without cameras.

The prize is somewhere around 55 US dollars every month for the big package.

Installation = 0 USD / DKkr

And thats:
1 PIR detector with camera ( camera and alarm accessibility from phone APP )
2 switch sensors for doors or windows
1 PIR detector
2 smoke detectors
All connected to alarm. ( and more sensors or cameras can be added if you wish, you can also get flood detectors for your basement if need be )
Alarm in house also have something to generate noise to scare off intruders.
In addition to that a guard will respond to alarms to your house, and personnel will monitor your camera if alarm is triggered.

Personally i live in a apartment, but unlike all / most Danes i also have IP cameras here.
One PTZ camera on my car in the back yard where its parked ( 1080p installed on my balcony door )
One camera in the peephole of my door ( 1080p )
One camera in kitchen covering the back door to the EMG stairwell that lead out and to the basement with the washing room.
One camera in my living room window that cover the street 2 floors below.

You can get a 4 channel NVR ( Network Video Recorder ) cheap and then add a 2 Tb harddrive to that, or if you might have a Synology NAS some IP cameras can also offload footage to your NAS on your home network.

you can also get ready made solutions like Netgear Arlo and so on, Netgear Arlo give you free cloud storage, other brands may charge you for that, and yet other may store footage on something locally.
Do note some of the arlo cameras just send events ( motion detect ) to the cloud, others do have onboard micro SD card for local storage and 24/7 recording too, and some like with all IP cameras are only for indoor use.

My own cameras are cheap Chinese ones, and they are doing a alright job for me.
Only minus is the cooling fan on the CPU in the NVR is a little loud, so not the kind of box you would want to hide in your bedroom.

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