Need focal length and sensor size Mobius 1 camera.

Discussion in 'General Dash Cam Discussion' started by Lola, Sep 28, 2017.

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    Yes, the data only applies to the original "A" lens. One could argue that the developer should have updated the data with each lens module iteration but why would they? It would involve a lot of time and energy with little or nothing to gain for the customer base as a whole, except for the geeks. But this is the Mobius and the same rules don't necessarily apply to the average dash or action camera.

    It's Friday evening here in my time zone so I'm gonna get down with my homies but I will follow up on your post more fully at another time, probably tomorrow. I certainly have more to say in reply to your perspective here.
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    but does it, or is it it a default value that was there already, no way to know, not suggesting they've done anything wrong as they may see no need to change it, they may have also decided leaving a default or different value was in their best interests, keep in mind they went to the trouble of erasing the version number off the back of the chipset and made all sorts of claims about what hardware they were using at the time which I don't believe was any attempt to mislead buyers but rather to put competitors off the scent as it were, keeping in mind the same hardware is available to others and you go back to time of release and they were ahead of the game compared to what others were achieving with the same hardware so where is their competitive edge, for sure their firmware, and undoubtedly their lens

    anyway I'm done talking about it, too much has been misunderstood already, it's a minefield out there for buyers, end results are what they should be looking at and buy what each deems acceptable/appropriate for their needs
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