Need New Hardwire Kit & USB Cable for Rear Cam

Auld Reekie

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Nov 19, 2014
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Swapped my MK7.5 Fiesta for a new MK8 Fiesta. I removed Nextbase 512GW & Rear cam (Series 1 I believe) from old car and intend to put it in the new car. Unfortunately I need to by a new hardwire kit, stickers for front and rear cam and also usb cable from front cam to rear, (old ones damaged long story)

I cans see the hardwire kit on Nextbase website though the box with red/black cable looks different from original, is this just a upgraded version?

Also I see two piggy backs what fuse type are they for?

What is the black box sitting on its own in the pic, I don't remember seeing that from original install.

Lastly I need a USB cable that runs from front 512gw cam to Rear Cam, plus sticky pads for camera mounts.

Can Nextbase supply the rear cam USB cable?
I could get hardwire kit from Halfords (same price) but I don't see the rear cam usb cable on its own there, I'd rather just purchase all I need from NB.
Next base's ebay store hard wire kit. £10.95

Havent seen the rear camera cables on their online store but from memory when I requested a price they were £15 for a rear camera cable posted.

Email next base support explaing what you need and they will send you an invoice with a link to a payment portal to purchase the cable.

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