New accessories now available for the ENFORCER DX1, including GPS!


May 9, 2016
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UPDATE: More options is good, but more options at less cost is even better, amirite?

For a limited time, get 10% off ALL accessories when you purchase a ENFORCER DX1 dash cam in the same order!
Simply place the DX1 into your cart, then pick the accessories you want, the discount will be automatically applied during checkout, no codes necessary!

Head on over to the Raytis ENFORCER DX1 listing now, this offer won't last forever!

Hey DCT, bringing you some good news today.

Available immediately is an assortment of accessories to complement the Raytis ENFORCER DX1 dual channel dash cam.

First up, we would like to announce the availability of a new GPS module add-on, which brings much sought after GPS functionality to the DX1.
If you ever dropped consideration or recommendation of the DX1 due to the lack of GPS, well, now it's time to put it back on your list!

Besides the GPS, there's now a hardwire kit available from us, no more need to research or deal with the risks of using third party solutions.
Our hardwire kit has been fully tested with the DX1 and passed all quality assurance tests, so you know you are getting the same high quality standards for compatibility and reliability as other original parts.

Also available for standalone purchase is a long 7m USB cable. The standard retail box includes a 3m cable (for the front) and a 7m cable (for the rear), but we understand there are cases where the 3m cable simply isn't long enough for the configuration you planned.
Worry no more, a longer cable to save the day is now merely a click away.

Last but not least, a video adapter that can turn your Android smartphone into a on-demand display for the DX1!
We first discussed the possibility a couple of months back on our Facebook page and also on our website, but there were a couple of hoops to jump through. One of them being that you needed to hunt down a video adapter with a specific chipset, which unfortunately is not as straightforward as it can be.
Well, we've now eliminated that obstacle by sourcing the correct video adapter ourselves, making things easier for you. All you need to do is make sure you meet the requirements, and simply buy the video adapter directly from us. Painless, really.

For more information, please visit the respective Amazon listings, or check out details on the DX1 product page:

Links to Amazon listings:
GPS module
Hardwire kit
7m USB cable
Video adapter

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