New Dash Cam Annoucement Rules

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    We have set up a sub-forum where new cameras can be introduced / announced.
    Since we don't want to turn this into a spam forum, there are some unique aspects and rules to follow:

    1) One thread per new product (could be just launched or pre-release)
    2) Replies have been blocked in this sub-forum so each new product will get 1 post only (we may change this in the future to allow for comments but for now, we have blocked it).
    3) You may include 1 link to the manufacturers site if applicable
    4) No links are allowed to retailer / seller sites
    5) You may post 1 link to a discussion topic or subforum elsewhere on DashCamTalk

    Currently we will allow anyone to post a new dash cam announcement but we may restrict this in the future to manufacturers / retailers / admins.
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