Nextbase 412GW Update Problem


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Dec 12, 2017
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Hi all

First post so be kind, please :)

I've just got a 412GW and decided to do the firmware update. Downloaded Replay 3 and connected camera using the supplied USB cable. Camera appears in 'File Explorer" and I can view the videos via Replay 3.

However, when I click 'Update Dash Cam' it says that it unable to find camera. If I try do the manual update is says reboot camera into 'Update', but I only get the options for 'Mass Storage' or 'Power on'. OS is Windows 10.

Any suggestions appreciated.
That feature doesn't work on the 412 until you are on the latest firmware (catch 22).

You'll need to use the SD card method.

Before you do though, read the posts about firmware greater than v 9.5 and dual recordings.
Thanks for that. I'll have to have a read.
Correct - thank you @Kremmen so any future ones from R12.4 can be done using this button.