Nextbase 512GW + rear cam bundle in UK Halfords. Issues resolved and deal worth it?


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Nov 4, 2018
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United Kingdom
Hi all, first post and looking for some advice. :)
Been reading the threads about the Nextbsae 512GW rear cam causing all sorts of issues, most predominantly the downgrade of 1400p to 1080p on the front camera. Even worse, it seems that most people have reported that it seemed rather fuzzy too.
However, that was some time ago, and it's now November. There doesn't seem to be that many new posts on those threads that seem to indicate any improvement, or continual annoyances. Does that mean that it's all resolved with the latest firmware updates?

I've spotted this bundled deal in the UK Halfords website:
Nextbase 512GW front DashCam, + 512GWRC rear camera + Nextbase branded 32GB microSD card.
Bundle price is £218. Installation seems to be another £30.

Sounds tempting, given that my altnerative was the BlackVue DR590W-2CH front and rear bundle, also sold at Halfords for £289, + £30 installation.

What I'd really like to know is: Has Nextbase 512GW rear cam issues finally been resolved?
OR is not not worth the hassle, and I should pay up the difference and get the BlackVue set instead? :unsure:

Many thanks!