Nextbase Duo HD R10.7 - Parking Mode turns off camera even when moving, if G Sensor is disabled


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Aug 28, 2018
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United Kingdom
I have a hard-riding car so disable the g sensor as it ends up protecting far too many files. If I disable the g sensor and enable parking mode and then start driving, after 8 minutes the camera will switch itself off. 100% reproducible. 3 + 5 = 8, clip length is three minutes and the parking mode switches itself off after 5 minutes if no motion detected. Seems to me it detects a motion flag in the first clip, then after that clip ends it starts checking for any further motion and finds none. On finding none, it switches off after the normal five minutes.

Seems it's relying on the g sensor for motion, but this is a togglable option so it's a bad source of data to rely on. Better source of data would be to look at the GPS first, then fall back to the G sensor if no signal found from the GPS. If a signal is found from the GPS, it should examine the readings to determine if the car is in motion or not.

There should definitely be a test case for how the camera behaves when the g sensor toggle is off - if it's a user preference, the algos can't assume that data will always be available.

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