(not) Long post, Part IV


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Mar 1, 2013
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United Kingdom
so the other week I went and to start the car as I do every now and then when the car’s off the road

As I hadn’t started it since January, I took out the fuel pump fuse first to get the engine first to pump oil round the block before firing up, after doing this for 30 or more seconds

when I refitted the fuse and started her up I let the car run till the temp gauge was around the 80c mark (normal running temp) then opened the butterfly at the TB to give a few more revs,

At this point the engine just died and I couldn’t get it to restart, I would torn the ignition to on and hear the pump prime but on engaging the starter motor it would turn the engine but no sign of life

from a Lotus forum I have been subscribed to since getting my Elise some good advice has been given, in checking certain wires for continuity and one by one trying to eliminating things the were not the issue

a new development happened yesterday so I’m missing out other tests I carried out on the engine/car,

on the Elise and many other Rover cars too, it has two coolant temp sensors, one for the ECU and one for the gauge on the dash, by unplugging (taking off) the sensor going to the ECU, with ignition ON, the rad fan should automatically come on. it didn’t

as I have an override switch to engage the fan at will set on a timer, I tried that, and to my amassment the fans came on, but I also hear the fuel pump prime, so I turned the ignition on and the engine started, but then died on me (at the same time as the fans)

so I pressed the fan over ride switch and when heard the fuel pump prime I started the engine as the timer on the over ride switch is set to approx 40 seconds, before the 40 seconds were up I repressed the switch which then gave the fan an extra 40ish seconds to sun and so did the engine,

the engine would run fine as long as the fan was one. what the over ride fan switch does is it earths the wire going to the fan relay as the ECU does to get the fan to come on,

I couldn’t find my old multimeter as it’s been that long ago since I last used it that late yesterday I went out and bought a new (cheapish) one t test the earth wire from the ECU and see if that has any issues, as the plug needs to be plugged in to the ECU

I drove round local Auto shops looking for a multimeter piercing probe with no luck, so looks like I’ll have to use a needle, electric was never my forte

If I do involve an auto electrician in the end, at least I’ll know to tell him what he can eliminate :)