Not retaining the time correctly recently in DR500GW


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Feb 14, 2013
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Have replaced both batteries in my 500 a few months ago. Havent used the car much up till a couple of weeks ago.
Last night formatted the 128gb card and loaded it in the camera. It started up Ok but the date was 24 .04. 2016.
Formatted it again and loaded firmware and set the time with the timeset program.
This morning it said upgrading the Blackvue and started recording OK Went out for the day and tonight I have unusual problems on the card.
Firstly the time is a bit all over the place It says we left home 30 mins before we did. Stopped for about 5 mins on the way to where we were going Time changed to being correct. Eg after the 5 min stop it started as being 30 mins later.
So we got where we were going at 1013 and stayed there till about 1305.
On reading the card camera records time as leaving at 1015 instead of 1305 Went to friends got there about 1325 and got home at 1545.
Camera says we got home prior to noon.
Am mystified as to whats going on Camera starts and shuts down correctly by the sounds of it.
Is only connected to the ACC fuse.
So conclusion is the camera battery is not keeping the clock going yet everything else is ok.
Any on got any ideas because the so called ideas man doesnt have any.