Not working properly, can not get refund.


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Dec 9, 2018
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United Kingdom
Blackvue Scotland base in UK are useless. I have had nothing but problems with this device from hell. Problem, the cams would not come on with had to turn on manually (parking mode). Checked ALL the IGN amd BATT fuses with a multi-tester. Used piggy back (double) fuse cables for connecting. Removed device and checked at my home with 12volt model train transformer, and it was working fine. Connected back to my 2017 Mini Cooper, I have to remove the glove box to get at the fuses, bad design, but I do love my Mini, otherwise. Re connected it to car, re-fit glove box. Still does not turn on when starting car, but it will turn on with the switch (parking mode) so I have to ALWAYS remember to turn it on before driving and sometimes I forget. And sometimes it turns off between 30mins and 1hr30mins. Useless!!! All the voltage and timer settings are correct. What really upsets me, the Ebay supplier says I have to return the unit direct to Blackvue, as the purchase is past 28 days?. Blackvue tells me to go back to the the Ebay supplier. The supplier no longer sells or keeps any Magic Pro's. It is p** me off so much! What a waste of money and huge amount of time. The UK trading standards are useless, sellers and traders get away with murder. I wonder how the US fair with returning faulty goods?
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Jun 9, 2015
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BlackVue 650GW in 2011 Highlander
What /where is this "parking mode" switch you speak of? The PMP is "just" a switch that supplies power to your camera. If, wired correctly the switch on the unit will provide power to the camera (if on) when the vehicle is turned off( the light on the PMP will be on). If the switch on the PMP is off.. the light will tuern off off when the vehicle is turned off.. and will only come on and provide power to the camera when the vehicle is turned on. All this to say, if.. the light is on the camera is powered.

The camera only goes into parking mode when internal sensors detect no movement of the vehicle. And.. goes to normal recording when movement is again detected.

Parking mode.. is really the wrong term.. it should actually be "saving the video to memory". Just as your smart phone video recorder can show on the screen the action.. it only saves to memory when you select to save it. Same with your dash cam.. it is "on" all the time.. and saves while moving and "stops" saving when the vehicle is moving.. "parking mode". In this state the image is compared to the previous images and if there is significant changes saves the segment. Or / and saves if the camera detects a shock.. both "sensitivities" are adjustable in the settings.

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