Original SD card died - struggling to get a new one to work with the camera


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Jun 26, 2015
My original SD card that came pre-setup finally carked it after almost 4 years of solid use. So I've purchased a replacement (32GB Kingston, Class 10), but I'm struggling to get it to work with the exact camera I have. It doesn't help that I don't actually know what firmware is currently running on the camera nor do I know what version camera it is (English, Korean, etc).

I've run the SD formatter on the SD card using the 'overwrite' function and it completed that fine.

I've lost count of the different firmware versions I've tried, and the different configurations of changing the config.ini to English & Korea. Some results I've had:
Firmware 1.38E, config set to Korea - version incompatabile repeated in English voice.
Firmware 1.38E, config set to English - Korean voiceover says 1 sentence and device flashes blue for a bit and restarts, GPS LED lights up, restarts again, then Korean voice repeats the same sentence over and over (from my testing and guessing, it's saying version mismatch).
Firmware 1.40E, both English and Korea - instant version mismatch.

Basically, no matter what firmware or language setting, the camera doesn't startup properly. Googling for a guide brings up a complete ****load of different ways, and not knowing what firmware is currently installed doesn't assist...

Does anyone know exactly how these cameras work and what they are checking for at bootup? Is there a 'surefire' set of steps I could do to reset or start the device from scratch?


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Feb 14, 2013
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Where did you buy it from Did it have english firmware in for a start. Sounds like you are loading the wrong thing

This is the latest English version but as said on the page wont change Korean to english


is 1.044 It can be done if you find the tutorial on how to do it

Other way is put a blank Sd card in the camera and see what happens WHen you get the camera the firmware is in it and you just put a blank card in and the camera loads it onto the card and then you take it out and put it in your PC and set the timezone etc and then put it backi in the camera and it will update it.

I am running a 128gb card in my 500GW atm.