over the cloud problem


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Mar 4, 2017
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hi there, i need some help.

i received my second DR650GW-2CH after the first one stopped working, the replacement is the same i have the cloud app on my iphone with the latest version and the camera has the latest version as well (v2.007) my problem is when i go through to the cloud settings in blackvue wifi, and go to where it says cloud service hotspot settings to link it to the dongle in my car, i'm not getting the pop up page with the list of internet hotspots available. as soon as a press the button it says "blackvue please check your network connection" then below that in blue is OK. i press ok then it goes back to square one. has anyone come across this and is there a fix? because the only reason i got this dashcam is to have this function that doesn't work. any input would be great.

thanks and cheers.
any info or any ideas will be great
thanks guys
I only saw this issue once, I just restarted my phone and didn't happen again ... maybe try off a different device?
just a little update after emailing pittasoft, that the camera that was exchanged was the wrong one and not compatible with the cloud. so it looks like i will be going back to where i bought the first one from and get it changed again to the right one.