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Jun 14, 2016
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After 3 years of usage. I found out that my lens is lightly out of focus. I decided to open my camera and rotate the lens manually to gain back the best focus for my camera.

To open the cover, you can easily spot two screw on the camera`s bottom . Firstly you need to peel the sticker and will reveal two screw .

After that, turn the camera over to see from top view. Here you cannot see the screw because a rubber cover encloses it.

Then only you ate able to unscrew those .

After that, carefully remove the housing by pulling both part apart. The rubber button may fall off.

Note that previous four screws are shorter. In this layer. There are three more screws that you will need to be working on. All of those three screws are slightly longer .

Here are the same layer with the rubber button are still attached

When removing this piece apart, you must be careful because the LCD and the circuit board is apart and connected by few wires. One of them is LCD strip wire. Be careful so that you are not disconnect them.

Finally, you can access the lens assembly. Now you can readjust the focus by rotating the lens.

I also include a picture when the LCD strip wire are disconnected. Note that this step are not necessary if you just want to refocus the lens.

One more thing. These last two screws will remove the lens housing and will reveal the image sensor.
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