Parking Dashcam Location


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Dec 2, 2018
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United Kingdom
Hello all,

I currently use a Gitup F1 as my primary dashcam. I bought a Yi Dashcam for about £25.
My intention was to plug this into a powerbank and this was to run as a parking cam.
I don't want to use my Gitup in this way as its expensive and running 4k, would it use more 'power' from the powerbank? Basically £25 cam is cheaper to replace if i overuse it than the £100 Gitup.

So if i have my Gitup F1 on the windscreen already, where should i put my Yi dashcam? On the same windscreen? The powerbank is black so would attract heat, ideally would be in the glovebox.
Is this the best solution, or just to use my F1 from the powerbank? I bought two adhesive mounts from AliExpress, so that would be fine on the windscreen, but i believe it comes with a suction cup in the box.
Could use the Yi as a rear cam, but it would near to get power from somewhere if the Gitup was using the powerbank.

When i tested the Yi, i got less than 48 hours continuous use before the battery ran out, that's with 20000 capacity... As i only lease cars i don't want to mess about with hard wiring.
The powerbank would be charged when the car is being driven.

Any suggestions would be welcome. Thank you.