Parking Mode replacement cam same issues


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Dec 30, 2018
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Hi I'm new to all this and having major issues with my 512GW, Bought one just a month or so ago for the parking mode.
Got in touch with nextbase when the cam was constantly triggering when parked in a very quiet cul de sac night or daytime with no thru traffic or any other reason to start recording. Went thru it all with nextbase support and also pointed out that when reviewing the footage of the multiple clips that the compass on the gps was spinning around while the car was motionless!! ( it works ok while reviewing normal driving clips ). Nextbase went over it all and eventually gave me a ref number to return to them for repair, wasn't wanting a repair as it was only 2weeks old, so returned it to Argos who replaced it (after showing them all the email's from Nextbase) . The problem now is the replacement is doing the same!! Is there anything in a Citroen DS3 that could be causing this to happen ,maybe the rain or auto headlight sensors in the car are causing it. So I tried setting the camera up in the house with power from the charger on, and the cam in parking mode, it appears to work ok here . Any ideas would be really appreciated.
Useful info there that we've not seen before :)
The compass is not a magnetic compass, but calculates your direction of travel between one GPS position and the next. Normally at 1 second intervals. Unless you are actually moving, all the positions are the same and it therefore it can't work out which direction to 'point'.

A lot of people seem to be having problems with phantom events causing lots of 'event' files when parked in quiet places. It has been put down to an oversensitive G sensor by users, but Nextbase seem to deny this. Turning down the G sensor sensitivity will not work as this only adjusts the 'driving' mode and not the parking mode.
So, Compass normal; events 'normal' for Nextbase, who seem reluctant to do anything about it.
That's poor show from Nextbase as it appears from what you say, that the parking mode isn't fit for purpose. Its really annoying as I've hard wired to a permanent live feed thinking that the parking mode would turn it off when the car is parked, but don't know if I can trust leaving the park mode on until it runs the battery level down to the 11,8 volts or whatever the hardwire kit is set to.