pros & cons to use motorcycle cam for my car?

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    I need your help and your suggestions and ideas and opinions.

    I'm looking for a dash cam that is small and stealthy. Believe or not, I have gone through a lot shopping, online or onsites, and it's difficult. Most of the dash cams in the market are basically a camera with a LCD display! The ones that were redesigned as dash cams are still BIG. I understand if a dash cam comes with many things, such as LCD, battery, SD slot, or wi-fi, you can't ready make it small. Unfortunately, A lot of thieves in this big city, and I don't want to attract attention so someone to break in my car because of it.

    I can't understand why almost everyone has to make the dash cam to attach a LCD, or otherwise build-in wi-fi, to make it so bulky. Why can't make a small cam, stand alone cam without power or storage, then connect via a cable to the display unit? Nowadays, stand-alone camera can be very tiny, therefore, small and stealthy.

    Well, rant aside, here is what I'm looking for, and I found only motorcycle cam can be like that. Unfortunately, they are far more expensive than "regular" dash cams. I understand the waterproof, and more stabilization, and dual cameras, etc. Besides those, any reasons that I should not use motorcycle cam in my car?

    btw - I posted this question at the general discussion, but I hope your guys here have more experience with motorcycle cameras.

    What is your opinions, and pros and cons?
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    The SGZC12RC is just about as stealthy as you can get, only 2 negatives with it. 1. It dont have GPS - 2. The microphone is in the main unit that you will be hiding under a seat or in the glove box.

    But for on windscreen presence thats about as small as it get.
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