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May 16, 2017
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Koonlung (Spy Tec) K1S
I have had the Koonlung K1S dual-camera dashcam installed in my car and my motorcycle for five years now. I have gone through six control units, three were replaced under warranty by the seller until they quit carrying this unit. The Koonlung K1S is EXACTLY what I want in a dash cam: Very low profile for the front and rear cameras, and a small control unit (about the size of a pack of cigarette). The problems? First, the small HDMI (?) connectors are unreliable, causing intermittent reboots, and therefore lack of reliability. Second, the control unit tends to fail ("brick") after about six months, even when in a benign temperature and voltage environment. Fortunately I bought a few spare K1S kits for exactly this reason, since it cost me more to have my K1S professionally installed in my SUV than the K1S itself cost. So while I LOVE the K1S, with its ability to turn off the audio portion, and its ability to disable recording your speed, I couldn't recommend this unit. That's fortunate, since I understand that Koonlung is now out of business. But how I wish another manufacturer would come out with a duplicate dual-camera dashcam, but with reliable connectors and a reliable control unit. Finally, don't make the remote camera connecting cables captive at the camera end, it makes installation more difficult. Yes, another set of connectors, but surely a reliable connector now exists.


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was a good idea, but poorly implemented, they were advised how to fix this, the owner of Koonlung was a poor listener unfortunately, guess that's part of why they're gone
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You can check my post here >> https://dashcamtalk.com/forum/threads/k1s-cellink-perfect-together.18405/#post-239119 << for 28 reasons why the KS1 was the best dashcam 5 years ago and continues to be the best today, EXCEPT for one thing: its reliability. I checked them out 5 years, and then checked on them spring after spring, but they didn't fix its lack of reliability problem. So, this spring, I finally bought my first dashcam and, sadly, I couldn't buy the KS1. Yes, the KS1 didn't have a capacitor but. reliability, all on its own and all by itself, trumped all other 28 great features because, what good is ANYTHING if you can't depend on it?