Rear Cam wiring from 12v to 5v, advice needed

Discussion in 'DIY Projects' started by jaro, Feb 23, 2017.

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    Dash Cam:
    SG9665GC (front), BlackSys CF-100 (rear), Mobius (backup)
    Hi all,

    I have my blacksys cf-100 mounted at the back of my car.

    Unfortunately, upon request of my wife, the CF 100 will be transfered to another car (father in law's Toyota Fortuner).
    Luckily I did not use the original Car charger of the cf 100 (less work to do) so no problem in transfering to another vehicle.

    I'll be replacing the CF100 with a mobius camera.
    Since routing the wires from the rear to its current position is PITA, My plan now is just cut the current wire and connect it to any of these similar product

    The obovious problem I could forsee is that there would be two source that I need to check whenever I encounter a power problem.

    Since I am limiting my solution to one, what test (if needed) that I could do with the 12v to 5v conveter before placing it to my car. Or should I go with the mini usb cable route?
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    have the same dilemma.

    I think it all come down to where you tap the power.

    if you tap power on something that is sensitive to noise, either solution will be bad since everything is a buck converter nowadays that generate noise.

    If you tap power from a wire that the car expects to power cigarret lighters, you are good on both options. everything should work fine.

    If you tap power from something like a light or radio, then everything might give you trouble. or not :) who knows
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    Have a look around your car and you may well fine the wiring already there intended for something else, I used cheap power convertors from DX to power my cam from my clock/info gauge in top of dash with no problem other than the "T" taps I used needed to be squeezed tighter so it grips the wire tighter in bites into, at the rear can often be found power for intergrated screen aerials, sunroofs, tow bar leckies etc, hidden behind panels, though laying wires is easy, if time consuming very satisfying to get it nice though, I'm running my rear cam wire through the tailgate itself
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    Get a cheapest USB cigarette lighter adapter ($2 from dollar store). It has decent DC-DC converter, plus you'll get a USB port. They're fairly intelligent (even the cheapest ones) to filter 12V noises

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