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Nov 18, 2019
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I have the 322GW with the Rear Window Camera and it is the Rear Window Camera I am having issues with it has never worked

First time I returned it to Curry's for a replacement hoping that will resolve and whilst the replacement worked at first and I got a picture within a picture that only lasted a few hours and then caput nothing the 322GW just will not recognise it and thus only getting front camera recordings.

I notice from this forum I am not the only one with issues so am at a loss what to do and not sure if fault is with the camera or the cabling

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Mar 22, 2017
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Dash Cam
Hi Leon,

There could be one of four issues occurring here:
1) A faulty SD card
2) A faulty piece of cabling
3) The Dash Cam's Firmware
4) A fault with the camera.

1) The SD card; I'd recommend checking that you're using an appropriate U3 SD card that's designed for continuous overwriting in a Dash Cam. This can be checked online in the SD card's T&C's (look at the manufacturer's website); look specifically under the warranty information and make sure the warranty isn't voided if used with a Dash Cam. If it is voided, the SD card is not suitable and will not fully function in your Dash Cam. The dual data writing could be causing the SD card to fault, causing the error you've described.

2) The cabling; I'd recommend double checking all the cabling and connection points, as well as cleaning all the connectors. I suggest that I send you a replacement cable, which will help to identify whether the cabling is the issue. I'll direct message you regarding this.

3) I'd highly recommend checking that your 322GW is on the latest firmware available. This can be checked on the Dash Cam's settings; 'Settings- Setup- System Info- Firmware'. It should be on R16.3.
If it is not, please find the latest firmware below.

4) The Dash Cam; if you've gone through 1 & 2, and neither has resolved the issue, then we'd look into taking the Dash Cam itself in for repair, however this is by far the least likely of the four.

Kind regards,
Millie- Nextbase