Recommendation for basic use (driving + parking)


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Nov 14, 2021
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I am a complete newbie to dashcams, but in the last months two events happened that make me want to use dashcams myself to protect myself and my home's two cars:

One of the cars is usually parked ~300 m away from home on public parking areas inside a residential area, as in the yard in front of home there is only room for one car (spouse's one), and there are no other parking areas nearby.

About seven weeks ago, I got an SMS from the provider of car telelocating service (telelocator installed by myself as aftermarket device provided by my insurance company) that there was an irregularity with the service and maybe the car battery had died. I went to look at the car, and everything seemed ok, but it were busy days, and I did not have the time to dig into the problem. On the weekend, I went to see what happened, and the telelocator box (it was the second time I mounted one, and have been no issues whatsoever with the first one) had one of the cables to the battery dismounted. The cable looked like ripped out from the telelocator. After calling the telelocator provider (which tried to blame the problem on me due to improper installation) I was sent to an authorized dealer who then fixed the cable, which also blamed it on me, but I got it fixed. My guess at the time was of a small animal getting inside the compartment, but I did not understand why I could not find any counterpart to the broken cable.

Today right after parking I was halted by an angry elderly man driving by who ranted that there are already too little parking lots, and he had seen me many times parking there, also on the condominial parking lots (which btw are not properly marked, if parking there should be limited) and we people from down the road should go parking on the big lot up the road since these parking lots should be for nearby residents, and if I already need to walk 300 m, I can walk 200 m further to the big lot.

Given that I will ask the local administration exactly which parking lots are public, and I do not see any reason why any residents nearby should have any kind of precedence on public parking lots, I suspect now that the broken cable was not an accident.

My daily commute to work is about 30' twice a day, and about once a month the car is driven also on the weekend; the other weekends, it stays parked there. I would like to record events happening while the car is parked as well as during driving. Same goes for the second car, since the cars take turns in parking away from home.

What kind of device/s / setup do you suggest?

Thank you