Reverting back to stock from custom 1.3 on DR550GW-2CH


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Jul 19, 2014
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Hello guys,
Im currently on custom firmware 1.3 for the DR550GW-2CH and experiencing alot of problem.
-Random Please check the SD card error
-Timezone not correct
-Cant lock to GPS (speed not showing even though i enable it)

I want to revert back to official firmware but having trouble with it. Here's the step that i take to revert back:
-format the SD card (tried both using windows and the apps,to FAT32 and exFAt32.all doesnt work)
-Paste the Blackvue folder on the SD card. Download links:
-Put the SD card back in the unit and start the unit.

I do get the upgrading voice prompt and complete silence after that. When i reboot my unit,i got the The version information is different error message.
What did i do wrong? can anyone enlighten me on whats the step to revert back to official firmware? The custom are too unreliable for me