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May 13, 2015
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I won't attempt a technical review of this cam since people better at that have done it, already.

I will post some video samples and some problems/quirks I have encountered.

I was happy to receive the A261 from shortly before leaving for a vacation in Thailand.

I did have a chance to use it for a few days in my pickup truck, and tractor trailer, before packing it back up, and jumping on a plane.

Works well, nice video, and the GPS locks very quickly. I was looking forward to using it in a rental car in Thailand. (I packed 2 mobius as backups, which I'm glad I did! more on why, later.)

After a 30 hour series of planes and airports, including taking the Ausdom 'home' for a few hours while I changed planes in Beijing, :) it was time to climb into the rental Toyota Vigo Champ, (Tacoma) and pop the cam in the windshield. My friend met me at the BKK airport, and we ventured into Bangkok to run some errands, before heading to a northern province.

The A261 would not stay attached to the windshield. It kept falling off. I cleaned the windshield as best as I could. No luck. We still had a long drive ahead of us, and I wanted a working cam for the drive.
I popped a Mobius in the same place the Ausdom wouldn't stick, and it stayed put.

When I got a chance to clean the windshield thoroughly the next day, I tried it again. No luck.
At best, it would attach for a few hours, then drop off.
The mobius? No problem. It would even stick on the tinted film section at the top of the windshield.

This is the process I went through for the next 9 days. Clean the windshield, and suction cup, attach it, and cross my fingers. Sometimes it fell off in minutes, sometimes an hour or two later.
Very annoying. It worked fine in the US. Maybe it didn't like Thailand?

I resorted to using the mobius, but tried several times a day to use the A261. As a result, I did not get much footage with it in Thailand. Very frustrating.
I'm not ready to blame the suction cup mount, will use the a261 in my truck in the next few months and see what happens?
This may a be strange, unique occurrence, but when I returned to my home airport, and popped it into the windshield of the car it had worked well in before, it wouldn't stay attached!!!

I still think this is a nice cam.

The GPS locks very quickly. Even when being turned off for 36 hours, and turned back on, 8000 miles away. We're talking 20 seconds.

Two things I don't like.
The 'recording' LED or light is very tiny for my old eyes, and not so bright. Hard to see in daytime, not much better at night unless the cam is directly in front of you. The mounting position and distances in a big truck makes it a bit worse.

The 'slot' mount attachment. I still don't like them. The one on the A261 doesn't feel very sturdy, and the cam is not very tight on the one I have. Maybe not a problem, but I habitually swap cameras around.

You also are not able to easily use a different mount. On my trip to Thailand, I had several 1/4 x 20 suction cup mounts with me to use with my Mobius, and action cams.
No way to switch to a different mount when the one included with the A261 would not stay attached to the windshield. Annoying.
As a result, the A261 was on 'vacation' most of the time, while my Mobius worked away, tirelessly.

This is still a good dash cam for most users, and at a good price. (Varies quite a bit at, do some serious searching for deals and coupon codes.)

I'll be using it in my tractor trailer for the next few months.
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Back to work. :(

The Ausdom initially wouldn't stay attached to the windshield in the truck, but now seems to be OK. I didn't notice any strange substance on the suction cup. Totally mystified why it doesn't want to stick, sometimes? Maybe it's possessed?

With the A261 mounted in the normal position in the truck, (Top center of windshield) it is hard to see the very small blue LED that indicates recording during daylight, and not much better at night.

I was playing with the 'G sensor' settings, and on highest sensitivity, it would save files on every minor bump in the road. Turned it to low.
Here's some night video from a pretty stormy night on I-80, high winds, and some pretty extreme rain at times. Later in this video the traffic is moving at 5-10 mph in the heavy rain, on I-80 in Illinois. At times, traffic came to a complete stop, blocking both lanes.

Hard to see in the following video, but there are two tractor trailers turned over on the highway.

Great review. This is still one of my personal favorites glad to see more people using it.
Regarding the suction cup problem, maybe humidity have some to it.
where I bought the camera.
I bought link: WITH DISCOUNT CODE GBA261 $ 86.99

Discount Code: GBA261

sample videos

video for audio


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The best I can figure out is the suction cup problem was due to using a pre-moistened glass cleaning wipe on my car windshield, ONCE, on the way to the aiport.
The a 261 stayed attached ok on the trip to the airport, but didn't want to stay attached 30 hours later.
All ok now, hasn't fallen off the windshield in a few days. I guess whatever nasty stuff was in that cleaning wipe has finally worn off?

where I bought the camera.
I bought link: WITH DISCOUNT CODE GBA261 $ 86.99

Discount Code: GBA261
Here's some fresh video.
Pickup truck decides to wait to the last minute to cross to an off ramp, cuts in front of me while braking, continues to brake so he doesn't run into the next pickup on the off ramp.

First video segment from the Ausdom Aa261, second from a Mobius A.

Let's hope this jerk has not reproduced.

Audio should be masked (eventually) to cover up the profanities.
The A261 has been working well, without any problems for two weeks in a tractor trailer, on 24/7.

The problem with the suction cup mount is gone. It must have been the glass wipe I used ONCE. It's stayed attached for two weeks, during temperature ranges from 18 to 80F.

Current price (subject to change, with limited units) for Black friday sale is $78.99 at

It actually was a fairly quiet thanksgiving day, even though I covered 600 miles.

I did see this 'genius', who must have super human powers that allow him to stop a tractor trailer on a dime at 70 mph, and not plow into the cars ahead of him.

A few minutes later you could see a large amount of smoke on the highway, and I was wondering if that truck had run over somebody.
At first it looked like maybe just a grass fire in the median, but then you could see the burned up tractor trailer on the other side of the highway. I think the grass fire was started by something it collided with, but had already been towed away?

The A261 is working well. It's been on 24/7 in the truck for almost 3 weeks.
The Ausdom A261 has been working well for 3 months. For truck use, I'd prefer a capacitor, but can still recommend this camera.

More video samples from the Ausdom A261