Review: Yi DashCam (GearBest)


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Dec 31, 2012
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Dash Cam
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So here we have the new Yi DashCam to take a look at.

Spec Shortlist


Chipset: YI A12 dual core/Novatek 96660
Battery: Built-in
USB Plug: Micro B

Screen Off: 1/5/10 Min
Loop: 3Min (No setting choice in app)
WDR: Mentions e-HDR (No setting choice in app)
Emergency Lock: Locks 10 seconds before and 10 seconds after button press places it in a separate folder
G-Sensor: Low/Med/High (Can not be turned off)
Version: 0.07.013

File Properties

Audio Chanel: Mono
Audio Codec: MP4A
Audio Bitrate: 64kbps
Video Codec: AVC1
Video Container: MP4
Video Bitrate: 20072kbps (Roughly 20Mb)
Size: 434.5 Mb (Per 3 min file)

Card Used: PNY 64GB card
Projected Recording Time: 3.6 hours on a 32GB card
Product Page: Here
DCT Contact: @GearBest

Android Application

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Day Video
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Night Video
Folder structure


After playing guess the password I realized it is written here under the WiFi name.
I tried to change the WiFi name and password, but the app crashed.

The camera has a 1296/30 setting, but it seems to just mention the 1080P 60fps on GearBest website aside from the picture they list like mine with translations.

The app takes forever to download from Xiaomi's site. Literally 20 mins over my WiFi to download a 12MB file.
The application is completely in Chinese and so is the camera so I had to wing it. I was able to turn the big Yi Logo off, and it seemed to auto sync the date and time so that is nice.

The application asks for Corse and Fine location permission so I am guessing it uses the app and your phones GPS like the AutoBot does.

The camera seems to auto start recording. To stop it looks like you have to go into the settings menu. Hitting the record button will cause the file to lock. It seems to lock 10 seconds before and 10 seconds after then button press.
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It's the Aptina / ON Semiconductor AR0230CS:
Thanks for saving me twice. Sorry to be slacking a little. I glanced over the GearBest thread with all the pages and must have missed it.
Any chance you could strike me out and say you found an English mobile app that works with this one?
Thanks again @reverend
No sorry mate, the Xiaomi gadget forums sometimes have people doing English translations of the Android apps though so probably one will appear soon :)

I just had a nosey in the firmware to see what was in it as your post piqued my interest - looking forwards to seeing how yours performs at night as the demos looked out of focus at night but the windscreen was filthy!
Added Android applications translations to first post.