RHUNDO RS-20 3-Way Car Cigarette Lighter Splitter + 2 USB with REMOTE TOUCH SENSOR Switch Panel

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    Designed in Korea by STYLISHWIZ which is Korea's prominent automotive accessory designer.

    RHUNDO is a premium brand that focuses on providing upscale, high quality automotive electronic accessories to customers in Korea, China, Europe and North America.

    Advanced technology and High-Quality components help simultaneously charging multiple electronic devices with a total capacity of up to 60W.

    Remote control touch sensor unit has small and slim form-factor, doesn't take too much room and can be mounted separately for more convenient operation and monitoring.

    • Remote control panel LED Display shows 3 type of information: 1) car battery voltage 2) timer 3) USB output Amp reading.
    • Touch sensor switches have memory capability, which means they can remember the power state right before the power shut off to the entire device.
    • Low voltage alert on LED display when your car battery voltage drops to 11.5V or below, - the digits on LED display will flash to alert about the weak car battery.
    • "1, 2, 3" touch-sensor switches to control power supply to 3 cigarette lighter sockets on the main unit. - "USB" ports touch-sensor power switch to control power supply to two USB ports.
    • Remote Control panel with 5 power switches. Master power switch to control (ON/OFF) power supply to the entire device (press and hold for 2 sec to power off the whole device, short press - to turn on a device).


    - Input Voltage: DC 12V-16V (Not Applicable for 24V Vehicles)
    - Rated Power for Extended Outlets: 36W (Single) / 60W (Total)
    - Max Output for USB Ports: 2.1A (Single) / 3.4A (Total)
    - Rated Power for Fuse: 7.5A (Regular Plug-in Fuse for Vehicles)


    - 1 pcs 3M adhesive pad for the main unit,
    - 1 pcs 3M adhesive pad for remote control unit,
    - 4 pcs wire clips to help to organize and secure cords,
    - 1 pcs spare plug-in fuse for cigarette lighter charger power plug,
    - 1 set 3-port Car Cigarette Lighter Socket Splitter/Adapter USB Car - Charger with Remote Touch Sensor Switch Panel and LED Display.

    Unlike the original outlet in your vehicle, the three extended outlets on this device are NOT INTENDED TO HEAT CIGARETTE LIGHTERS and can only be used to power or charge electronic accessories, don't use this device to power high power electric devices such as vacuum cleaners, CB radio, thermal cups/bottles, car cooler/warmer, tire inflators, heating cushions, laptops etc, or an overload may cause irreversible damage to the device. Follow the technical specification of the device in the provided manual under application.

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