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May 6, 2020
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Texas, Montana
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I installed an analog cam on the back of the RV (it's an old RV, didn't come with one), just so I could see what's going on behind me while driving. The whole kit - screen and cam - cost $35 two years ago, so it's 'okay quality'. It came with wireless connection dongles, but I ended up wiring it directly to the front monitor analog input, bypassing the radio link which was flaky given the distances and metal/wood in-between. Even with trying 2.4gz wifi mag-mount antennas on the roof, it didn't work as well as having it wired camera-to-screen along some Cat3.

Recently upgraded the RV base power system, so it has enough angry pixies to run a Reolink 4-camera setup. The DVR when powering 4 cams, takes something like 60-80 watts. I was looking at how I could add the existing rear-mounted analog cam to the input on the DVR, as the DVR has 8 total camera inputs (IPCAM). I looked at Amazon B07CVW4JCS today, an "HDView Convert Analog Cameras to IP Cameras, PoE Realtime Encoder Converter Adapter" (not sure if I can post links).

I've also thought about running a purpose-built dash-cam, with a wire-in rear camera (completely aside from the Reolink, as a redundant system more purposely built for driving). Wireless cam-to-base direct link would be a stretch at 28 ft, although I've added WiFi recently so, that might be a possibility. I figure if I have a no-muss-no-fuss driving rear and forward camera (sides would be nice too), then that would do it.