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Dec 4, 2018
United Kingdom
Having purchased an F770, and further to my last two posts.
I am due to have it hard wired this Saturday, the work being done by my vehicle dealer. Given its a Maserati i felt it would be better to let my dealer have a go than a dashcam fitter, as they will have more experience with trim removal and location for fuse box etc etc.
However they will clearly have no knowledge of how to set up the camera.
Due to the cover for the rain/headlight sensor I am planning on mounting to the left of the mirror, and as was kindly mentioned on here as i understand it the driver alert functions will set up automatically, although i think you have to align the guide lines on the app screen by moving the lines on the screen.
Are there any other settings that need to be ticked in the app before using the device, beyond the above mentioned driver alert features, or does everything just 'work' out of the box? Also how vital is it to leave the mount for 24 hours before fitting the camera ?
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Oct 22, 2015
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Hi, as for the sticky mount i would stick that on and then just leave it a few mins before attaching the camera to it, it will stick for sure! (If it's a very cold day prob worth putting the heater to the windscreen for a few minutes to get the worst of the cold away.) The alignment grid you get on the phone you can't actually move the lines at all they are fixed, just try and get it as close as possible to the centre but it will work fine as a majority of what we fit go to the left of the mirror due to the pod at the back as you mention. Just make the installer aware that the Yellow wire is the Permanent power & red is the Ignition as that's different to what you expect and many get fitted back to front and you then don't have any parking mode. The rest of the setting you can do off of the App, to be honest i'm not sure what's enabled by default as it seems to change frequently. Any issues let us know on here....