SG9663DC installation in BMW F30 (3 series berline)

Wouter Madou

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May 5, 2016
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First of all, I need to say, I am not a car-savy person at all. If something is wrong with my car I do what most people do; pop the hood, look at it, pretend I know something, look at it more and decide to start calling my garage..
So if you see anything in regards of wiring that is not done (in regards of airbags or other things) , don't hesitate to comment :)!
Next, I have been reading on this forum for a few years and decided a a long time ago to wait for the dual channel option from StreetGuardian.
I had it for a few weeks now sitting in the box but got around installing it last week and thought I'd share some pics.

For me it was important that as little as possible the cables are visible, just because I like to keep it clean.
Also, I do not have the option in my car to put the back seats down so going under those was not an option.
I'd also like to point out that I only listen to Spotify in my car, so disturbing any DAB antenna for my radio was not something I could care about.

From the inside this is what you see:

In the following pictures I use red for the back cable, green for the power and yellow for the gps.

For the wiring to the back I went with the longer cable and even had a meter to spare.
I started from the back and worked my way forward.
The cable went under the 'rubbery plastic' from the breaklight and I followed the corners.
You can see the cable if you look closely from the outside, but that does not bother me.
(The reflections on the outside pictures rendered them useless, so I'll try to get better picture later on or on request.)
The corner here was the hardest to make in the entire installation and I got scared breaking anything so I left it as this.
From here I went down and put the cables under the hard plastic. Pulling it a bit made it come off without a hazzle.
Putting it back was a bit more difficult and needed some force.
Then I moved to the front and went up. (Green color is power cable.)
I hid all the extra wiring in the empty room under the glove compartment.
(No picture of that since I did not want to break anything pulling it harder than needed.)

Next I went for the power cable and started not from the camera, but from the socket, (learned it the hard way since I had to do it twice, you need to smaller end to go through the holes I used.)

Cables through holes:

From here I went up:

And that's all folks =) (Since I reached to 10 picture limit..)

I will be switching cars next year and try a hard wire install, for now this should do the trick.

Feel free to comment!

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