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Mar 15, 2016
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I'm not having much luck with dashcams so far. After trying the G1W-CB & the A118C I decided to just spend the money and get the SG9665GC.

First - when I unplugged the usb cable, the usb cable plug-end actually separated when I removed it. So the metal casing of the plug is stuck in the camera. I was able to push the plastic end back in, and it works but... not sure what to do about that. I was planning on hard-wiring the camera so I'm going to need to get that casing out.

Secondly - my video looks blurry. This doesn't seem normal. I do have the polarizing lens on the camera. I've lost daylight so I can't try again without it until tomorrow.

What am I doing wrong?

Here's my short video around the block (hopefully I link this right the first time): (4-34-40 PM - 4-37-08 PM).MOV?dl=0

I did clip the video using the registrator software because I walked around the front of the car and studied the placement for a while, looking like a doofus.
just downloading now, check the lens and window is clean, if the focus is out we'll replace the camera for you, doesn't happen often but we do get one from time to time with a focus problem, it's manually set by hand during production and can be subject to operator error, assuming you bought from @Pier28 ?

power cable is probably a fatigue issue or casting problem during injection, always keep in mind to remove the camera off the bracket before connecting or disconnecting cables so as not to put any undue pressure on the connector, we'll arrange to replace that for you anyway
Hi sorry about that, no other reports of that happening but these things happen when it comes to electronics from time to time. I'd be happy to send you a new power cord. Let me know if it's just the cigarete adapter miniUSB end or CPUSB hard wire kit miniUSB end. Always plug in / out cables while the camera is off the mount for best long term results and less stress.

I'm downloading your clip now. When I click the link above dropbox transcodes low bitrate, so here is the full untouched download link.
(just changed dl=0 to dl=1) (4-34-40 PM - 4-37-08 PM).MOV?dl=1

Stand By,
actually just downloaded now, not sure that the focus is out, looks like it's late afternoon, you will see motion blur if you pause the video in these situations, more so if using a CPL

get us some daytime footage to be sure
actually just downloaded now, not sure that the focus is out, looks like it's late afternoon, you will see motion blur if you pause the video in these situations, more so if using a CPL

get us some daytime footage to be sure


Thanks for the quick responses!

I will get more footage tomorrow. I guess I was expecting it to be clearer at this time of day because of the video I have from the G1W-CB around the same time, and it looks really clean. Maybe 10 minutes earlier, but it was less overcast so there was more sun peeking out.

Yep I bought from Pier28 :) On the cable, I plugged and unplugged while it was off of the mount. However, I did run into an issue using the cable-hide. The ferrule on the cable was right at the point on the cable-hide where the cable clip points are, so I couldn't close it. I had to semi-loop the cable so that the ferrule would be in the larger, bottom part of the cable hide. It didn't seem to be placing much stress on the connector? What's the best way to route the cable so that it will close? The plug that came apart was on the cigarette cable.
@Pier28 has a picture here somewhere that shows the cable routing so you'll know for next time, anyway not a problem, we'll get a replacement cable out to you ASAP
@jokiin and @Pier28, just yesterday I noticed a focus problem with my SG9665GC too. All things considered with my other woes we've been discussing I've been a bit reluctant to even get into it at this time and wasn't going to but when I saw this thread pop up I decided to post a screen shot. I was trying to do some testing yesterday with the camera tilted up a little higher and reviewing yesterday's footage I found numerous files that look like the one below. Curiously, today's footage that I'm just reviewing now looks rather better.

Notice the cars parked over on the left. My vehicle is stationary and parked. The camera is running on a battery bank and I'm not even in the vehicle so motion is not a factor.

Where I live we've had extreme temperature fluctuations recently, the likes of which I've never seen before. It went down to 15 degrees below zero Fahrenheit and up to plus 64 degrees Fahrenheit in less than 24 hours time. I've wondered if that could be a factor. Wide temperature swings are normal during March here in New England but this year it's like temperature swings on steroids. Like I said, today's footage seems sort of back to normal but yesterday was one of the first warm days in awhile. Not sure what to make of the whole thing.
Well, I'm just speculating about the likely cause but I assume you see and acknowledge the problem, yes?
I'm out of office, picking up my kids from school, will reply back later

No problem. Was just curious to know your thoughts about it. At this point, I'm not sure there's anything to be done about it really. Sort of hoping it's some sort of temporary anomaly.
sorry, it's too cumbersome typing longer replies when I'm out on mobile

Sort of hoping it's some sort of temporary anomaly.

it was probably temperature related if you had your car parked with the cameras running?

the lens and lens mount are both stable beyond the upper and lower temp ranges of the sensor and processor but you could exceed the stable temps of the sensor or processor which can take the edge off things, you'd never see the sorts of temps this takes while driving as it's way hotter than what you could comfortably drive in, if you're parked though you can easily add 30°c~40°c to ambient temps if the car is locked up, direct sun on the front cam could let it heat up pretty quickly, even more so when you have a dark colour car, if things were back to normal the next day then I'd lean toward this just being environmental influence, being parked up and hotter than normal working temps at the time
I get slight focus shift from mine on damn hot days when left running for a while in parked car, goes back to normal pretty quickly once aircon switched on.