Sj5000+ wifi + development usign web api


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Jul 4, 2017
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I'm making a mini submarine and looking for a action cam to take some pictures and some recordings. Idea is that camera connects raspberry pi with wi-fi(station mode, so it has no different than a smartphone connects home network) and 3g modem connects raspberry usign usb connection. Currently im using git2 and unoffical sjcam api. Usign the web api """ i can ssh to raspberry and take control the camera over raspberry (taking snaps, start-stop video recording) except i can not change settings of the camera since Gitup didn't allow those configuration to change over wi-fi(Yes, both gitup and sjcam uses the novatek web api). I would like to change those settings as well and planning to buy a sjcam5000+ wifi but i have some questions that i'm unsure about the answers.

So here is my questions:

1- Can i sjcam5000 wifi autostart when i plug the usb cable and disconnected battery?(But i don't want it to start auto recording like a dashcam)
2- Can i change the settings over web api or ssh into the camera and change the settings from configuration file and activate them?
3- Does sjcam5000 has station mode that allows it to connect other networks?

I'm newbie in aciton cameras, programming and have limited english skills. Let me know if some parts unclear.

Thanks in advance.