sj6legend driving nightlapse


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Jun 24, 2017
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United States
Made with a Sj6Legend.
Took about 300 two second shots for this....wanted to keep it under 60 seconds for Instagram.

Then I just assembled in magix movie editor and made some music for it with my guitar.

And for those that have asked in previous threads I e seen....yes, you can use your action cams as dash cams.....just take out the batteries and use external power.

The battery will swell from heat from charging and summer take out your battery!
I use an Akasko v50 pro for my front window dashcam and a sjcam M20 for pointing out the rear window.

I put the sj6legend where the m20 usually is for this nightlapse project. I should have opened the moon roof so lights would be streaming above me....owell.

Enjoy! And happy holidays and whatever.