SJCAM M10 reseting when unplugging USB power


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Apr 15, 2017
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Hi everyone, few days ago I bought SJCAM M10 (non wifi, non + version) mainly thinking of it as a drone video recording cam but also as a dash cam.

Camera is fine while recording on a battery, but I wanted to try out external power to use in car or to make long videolapse clips.

And what I've stumbled upon:
1. When using only external power, no battery fitted - when the power goes off the movie is not saved. No supercapacitor or anything like it, so it can't be used that way. All right.
2. When using external (USB) power bank and with camera battery in, the weird thing happens. While I'm able to attach usb power even while recording on cam battery - I can't remove usb power when the camera is working! I do that - immediate shutdown of the camera...

Can anyone with M10 confirm - when recording with both battery + USB power connected - does your camera reboots/shuts down when USB removed?