Sjcam SJ5000 "blow up"


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Feb 25, 2016
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Hello, i have a SJCAM Sj5000, from Gearbest.Camera working well for the first time, i charged it but when i try to used it for the first time the icon charge was still available on the screen after i unplugged the charging cable.The camera working well but with charging icon on the top of the screen, then, when the battery was "dead" i try to charged it again, after 2-3 hours of charging when i want to start my camera the logo SJCAM start but the camera is dead, the screen is black, when i try to verify it she smelled of burned and the interior case (the interior case where battery is) is perforated and the battery plastic case is melted (the explosion was from the interior case of the battery, the battery is ok).I thing the camera didnt stop charging and she blow up (maybe the procesor, i dont know).I try to update the firmware, but the problem persist.Camera start very hard, the SJCAM logo start, and after that the screen is dead.

What can i do, i think that my camera is dead for ever?

Sorry for my bad english! :)