SJCam SJ9 Strike, waterproof camera, latest firmware tested - does it improve audio? Plus other useful tips!


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Mar 29, 2016
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United Kingdom
I've installed FW v1.0.6 in the SJ9 Strike. You need to put both files on the microcard, not just the bin file as you would with other cameras. I've put a link to the download in comments. SJCam sent me a link, but told me they will put the file on the web site. I made a test video comparing v1.0.4 with 1.0.6. I think it has improved the audio. You can see in my video 1.0 4. was clipping that's why it distorted. Any action camera sounds bad when in a waterproof case, so I think the SJ9 being waterproof sounds OK really. Video also shows how to close the flaps, people have been breaking them? And suggests how to stop misting up.