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Jun 13, 2019
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I am posting on this forum as the support from SJCAM ( never responded to me, so I hope you may have an idea.

I had SJDASH (not +) that I was able to connect it to any computer with any micro USB cable and micro SD card and after the camera was entering the Mass Storage Mode, I was able to transfer all the files between the micro SD card and the computer.

Now I bought a SJDASH+, but when I connect it to any computer or laptop with different micro USB cables and micro SD cards, the camera shows the Mass Storage message on the blue screen for 3 seconds, then it enters in a restart loop. I went back to the purchase store and tried 3 different SJDASH+ cameras, but all of them were doing the same. I also tried an USB port that is designed for charging smartphones with higher amperage, but the same behavior. This happens only when using the FAT32 file format, but not the NTFS (which works fine for transferring files, but not for recording videos by the camera).

What is more annoying than not able to transfer the files is that I cannot use the procedure described in ( to resolve the hot pixels. When adding the "engmode" folder to the microSD card it displays the "DPBrightAdjust" only when connected to a computer (not a powerbank), but it is unable to complete the 30 seconds procedure, because it restarts after 3 seconds (as described above).

Is this a known issue? Do you have any solution for this?
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