So, Which DashCam Solution for these GODLY FEATURES ...


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Dec 13, 2017
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The site has done a good job in listing off dashcams but despite everything i'm still lost on what cam would best suit ALL my needs. I'm just hoping someone will consider all my parameters and point me in the right direction. If there is one complete solution, terrific, but if not i'm open to buying multiple gears to make it happen.

With that said I'm looking for a dashcam solution to cover the following features:

  • Viewing Angle - record the front and rear of my SUV (for collisions in front and back). A screen on the unit is not necessary IF the recording can be viewed on my Android device via downloading or SDCard.

  • Viewing Angle - record the cabin / interior = overhead cam = entire front seating and entire back seating from the top of window down to floor-mat (to protect myself against the rare but existent officer misconduct).

  • WIFI / Internet - I can connect my Android device to any dashcam to view the recording, store it, and/or have it automatically routed/uploaded/streamed to the internet.

  • Quality - excellent Night + Day recording quality (720p or 1080p max is fine) for all cams. I would like to record audio for all cams. The overhead in-cabin cam should have Night-Vision.

  • Built-in Battery / UPS - on top of drawing power from the ON car, all dashcams (or at least for the interior overhead cams) can continue to record even when the vehicle is off for a significant amount of time. I assume there is no issue with it drawing power from the car battery otherwise built-in Lithium Ion or other is fine.

  • Profile - Discrete / Low Profile / Hidden - if possible but not a deal breaker

  • GPS /Speed - Visual indicator on video and metadata logging

  • MicroSD slot - I can upgrade to larger XX GB storage. I am ok with it uploading content direct to my Android phone, if need be, as long as it is reliable at transferring dynamically like that ~ from my experience such techniques are never reliable.

Thank you very much!
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absolutely certain you wont find a single unit that does all what you need.

You can get many multiple channel units to record:
out of front screen/out of rear screen,
out of front screen/vehicle interior

...but as yet not one that does all 3 options together.
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1. Pretty much all dashcams are wide angle, at least 120 degrees ( horizontal )
2. You can get windscreen dashcams that also have a camera for the cabin, these are often called taxi cameras, have a look at trancend drivepro 520 or vantrue N2pro.
3. This are a novelty function on a few cameras in reallyty its not there yet, wifi speeds are slow and the cloud function buggy at best.
4. 720 are not quality, you want 1080p at least, 1080p offer the best options in sensors for day and not least night / low light recording.
5. lipo batteries are not recommended, for recording after key off you will need to hard wire the camera to car battery.
6. Not a problem unless you have a problematic windscreen layout ( some cars have unusual large sensor arrays in front of mirror )
7. This are almost standart by now, or a option to buy GPS antenna.
8 they all pretty much have micro SD card storage, but really xx Gb are no longer large storage, you will need to go to XXX Gb to call it large for dashcam use.

I feel for bad cop recording a camera low on the windscreen or dashbord are best, but that in turn will have little view of the rear seat, but with a wide angle lens it should cover both front doors where cops good or bad show up just fine.

If you have lots of cameras you will capture what ever "sneak" up on your car, and audio you can get from any of them if its on.
I think you're needing a taxicam to get front+interior, and a second cam for the rear. Or a dual-channel cam for the front+rear, and a second cam with IR LEDs to capture the in-car view.
Thank you all for the terrific responses.

Yes i think i will keep it simple for now and get a 2-ch camera with all the do-dats for $400 and witness first hand the problems. I can then make my upgrades from there.