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Nov 10, 2015
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I'm running into a few software problems.
I am running [CF-100 PC Viewer-V0.5.2.EN-0326] on both Windows 7 (recommended OS) and 8, and the issues are identical on each OS. Since the device is brand new, I am assuming it came with the latest Firmware.

First Issue: cfsetup.cfg was not found.
The software does not recognize the cfsetup.cfg file. This is preventing me from saving any of the configurations of the CF-100.

Second Issue: Script Error
This error pops up frequently. It doesn't seem to prevent me from doing anything, but it shouldn't happen.

Third Issue: Parking Mode
A) When I hold the [Up Arrow] for three seconds or more the device does not state "Parking mode is starting/ending.".

B) When I park the vehicle, the device does not state after 10 minutes (default is 5 minutes) "Parking mode is starting.". I've checked this by sitting in the vehicle and going back through the video. When I enter the vehicle, the device states "Parking mode is ending."

C) When reviewing the video, the PARK folder is empty. Videos where I hear the device state "Parking mode is ending." are located in the NORMAL folder.


D) Once Parking Mode is activated, does the device continuously record or record only when the G-Sensor is activated?

Any help is greatly appreciated. You all have been such a great help in the past and I find your experience and knowledge to be extremely valuable. Thanks again!


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you simply being in the car might be enough motion (g-sensor) to make it think it's still driving. or if there's enough motion outside the car for the camera to see, it won't go to parking mode. that said, I've had mine go into parking mode after the default 5 minutes while sitting in line at a drive-thru. normally moving the car a few feet or opening/closing a door is enough to get out of parking mode.

no, parking mode does not record constantly. only when it sees motion through one of the cameras or presumably feels something via g-sensor. there was some discussion on here recently about whether or not the rear cam would trigger it to start recording, or if it was only the front cam. looking at my parking videos, i can't reallly tell - there always seems to be motion on both ends of the car.

not sure what to say about the cfg file. maybe format the card in your camera or in the app and see if it creates the file for you.

never seen the script error myself. but then i almost never use the cf-100 software anymore. i play back my recordings using VLC. and i use the script in my signature to break apart front and rear channels into separate files when i want to edit them somehow, such as for my Dashcam Chronicles videos.
Regarding your "First Issue: cfsetup.cfg was not found.", I experience the same problem when my SD card adapter has the hardware write lock in the lock position. Make sure the card is capable of being written and see if the issue goes away.

Regarding your "Second Issue: Script Error", I had this occur the other day while I reviewed footage in the PC software. I didn't notice anything wrong, but it could have been a problem communicating with Google servers for the GPS tracking. It didn't seem like a big deal. I experience similar script errors while browsing the web, which come and go.