sound problems Kaiser Baas X100


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Mar 11, 2023
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East Kilbride
United Kingdom
Hi guys

Like perhaps millions of other people I thought I'd have a go a YouTubing :greedy:

My niche is to be car & motorcycle restoration stuff with a focus on minute details :snaphappy:

I've been writing on forums for years and my hits are getting to the half-million mark so I thought I'd have a go at transferring these skills to video :shy:

Anyway. I knew it wouldn't be easy so bought a very basic camera to start with and my main problems so far are:

  • sound... the camera is barely picking up everything I say. I have quite a low voice but I didn't have this problem with normal cameras I've used over the years (Sony DSC-W710 etc). Also, the mic on the camera is definitely working as it picks up every sound if you touch it. The problem has got worse since I got a head-strap
  • wrist-remote... I have had it on charge for ages and the coloured LEDs on it flash when you connect the charger but not when you press buttons. It doesn't do anything. I'm thinking the internal battery might be dead as it was an older unwanted gift I bought from Ebay
So my thinking is I should get some sort of external mic for the sound problem. Anyone know if these are available and compatible with the camera I have?