Speed and clock

I will encourage people to post screenshots from the APP, even if you have not changed much hard to remember it all, and what is changed and what is default.
I bought the DR dual unit, installed it and after three weeks of use, including a lot of parking mode use, noticed the date had reset to 01-01-2020. GPS is installed on top of the dash with clear sky access parked outside. GPS signal was green. Then I manually set the date/time to correct it. Looked at the SD card several days later and saw that many files had 01-01-2020 but the modified time was a recent date/time. Seems like a bug. I've formatted it again to see what happens.

I also notice that there are a lot of files with 1 to 3 seconds of recording. Bug too?

Engineers are looking at it now, what's the details on the short files, when are they happening? Also where are you located?
Same settings on the one I returned, 60HZ screen refresh.. No car number set, watermark off. Date format is MM/DD/YYYY.

Same settings on the one I returned, 60HZ screen refresh.. No car number set, watermark off. Date format is MM/DD/YYYY.
thanks, I think it's something deeper than anything settings related but it's helpful just to be able to double check and rule it out
Sorry, bit late to sharing settings - just back from holiday



I had it too, then i changed back to 1.10, and i have just installed a even older 1.09 firmware, in the hunt for answers.
You have a V1.11 firmware? what is the difference than the v1.10?
it does have some fixes we're testing for the next public release, but also has on screen logging enabled so there is heaps of random text that you wouldn't want to be seeing
I've just pulled the SD card out to upgrade from 1.10 to 1.12. Before I proceeded with the upgrade, I noticed some files still with 1/1/2020 file names, but with actual timestamps of today's date such as in the below image.


Then I watched the video highlighted. The video starts out at 1/1/2020 00:00 then during the clip, suddenly changes to today's date and time, as if GPS had kicked back in.

But why is it resetting to 1/1/2020? What about the RTC battery?

Also it is annoying to have the file name be 1/1/2020 when it changes during the clip.

What is the real issue here?

For me putting a new battery in my car fixed that problem, been 2 weeks now and the daily problem ( if car had been parked for a longer period ) have not been seen.
I would see both the file name but also creation date go to 01.01.2020 some times.
It is clearly a power tolerance thing, cuz while the 2012 original battery in my car was working just fine for starting the car ASO, putting in a new car battery have made this go away for me.

Not sure if it work, but you could try using a boot delay i did not get around to trying that, but it is worth a try.

As mentioned a firmware fix are in the pipeline as the problem was identified by day #1
I did a full trickle charge cycle recently, didn't seem to help with this issue for me.
fyi I have the cut-off set to the highest voltage setting, 12.4V.
Something is wrong for sure, but all hands are on deck for this problem.
But as i said put new battery in my car on the 17 and since then it have not happened one time for me, i have also changed ground point in the car but that was before battery swap.
The only days was when i drove my car and it only sat idle for 12 or so hours i would not see the issue, but normally i only drive 1 every day and so it can be 20 - 24 hours in between the drives, and then i would see the time/date reset issue for sure.
And it was of course also just on the first drive of the day, any number of stop / start after that would see the correct time / date.
I used 12.2 V cut off, cuz i knew from testing another camera that 12.4 would not give me many hours of parking mode, and as i said my car is 2012 and small so also small battery ( 44 Ah )
My new battery are 50 Ah as that was the largest that would fit in my little Suzuki car.