Telematics Dashcam - send gps data direct to my tracking platform?


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Jul 30, 2020
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Hey all

I'm looking to integrate a dash cam that reports to my gps tracking platform

these are the requirements
1) have built in tracker, or if not connect to something like a teltonika gps tracker
2) allow me to communicate with camera to request still image(s) at specific time intervals
3) allow me to request video to/from time stamp
4) optionally have wifi so i can specify to download video when its in wifi range
5) have sim card slot so i can request images/video over 3/4G
6) tracker bit of camera support harsh/impact events
7) have forward and rear facing cameras, and optionally add up to 8 cameras
8) be pocket friendly as this will be used in emerging markets
9) not route via any API, it has to point data directly to my tracking platform

These guys look like they have a nice 2 channel one, not sure if its their own or whitelabelled
Their other hardware seems like its rebranded D-TEG hardware

I've looked at the concox JC400, but that's a max of 2 channels, and adding more cameras would not be possible.

Can anyone suggest some good hardware to look at that fits the above?