The new SJCam SJ8 Air reviewed with test clips


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Mar 29, 2016
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United Kingdom
SJCam have just brought out a new range of cameras. The SJ8. (Last was SJ7. Logical.) I just reviewed bottom of the range of 3 the SJCam SJ8 Air. Of course it's the lowest priced too! Just £81 and with the 12% coupon code more like £70. There are some good test clips on my video. No flying this time unfortunately, but some motorbiking as well as my usual clips around town. Good colour, sharp lens, touch screen (unusual for a camera at this price.) And usual range of accessories including waterproof case of course. External mike and remote are available. Records 2K and 1080 @ 30 fps. Battery life is good, claimed 190 minutes. 2 hours plus. SJCam aren't a fly by night clone company, they've been around a good while now, have produced some good cameras and issue regular firmware updates etc. A good back up to your expensve GoPro maybe, or good first action camera.

Details here 12% discount with coupon code b71c67