THINKWARE DASH CAM Launches Its Newest Model, the F800 Dash Cam

Jul 10, 2017
United States

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I wanted to pass along to the forum that THINKWARE launched its DASH CAM F800. THINKWARE’s newest addition to its F-series model line includes features such as:
  • Sony Exmor R Starvis Sensor for 1080p dual channel recording capability.
  • Advanced Driving Assistance System’ (ADAS), as well as Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) alerting drivers to any drifting out of the lane.
  • A Front Collision Warning System (FCWS) and Urban Front Collision Warning System (uFCWS), which calculates the distance between a vehicle in front of it.
  • Format Free 2.0 Technology eliminates the need for manual formatting, extends card life and eliminates the need to convert files when viewing on a PC.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi, which easily controls, manages and configures the settings of the dash cam via an iOS or Android smart phone.
The THINKWARE DASH CAM F800 will be available starting this month at Best Buy, retailing for $299. You can also find more details here:

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