Thinkware F770 problem or Cellink Neo? Car has problems when plugged in.


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Oct 31, 2017
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First of all, my Cellink NEO and Thinkware F770 (with rear camera) is all hardwired into my fuse box in the Camry.

My car was having the following problems on start up (none of these were working): Power Windows, AC, Dash Speedometer, Radio (it actually blew my radio), Engine Light (suppose to be on due to bad EGR valve) was not showing, and a few other things. After unplugging both my Thinkware F770 and Cellink NEO everything started working again. I've changed out all the fuses under my driverside fuse compartment and also changed out the ones under the hood. This problem only comes back when I plug the Thinkware F770 and Cellink NEO in.

Currently, I am running only the Thinkware F800 Pro + Rear (hooked up to my Cellink B+ (or whatever it's called) and F100 + IR rear camers all hardwired and working fine.

My question is, do you guys think I have a bad F770 or is it a bad Cellink NEO pulling too much current?
My 2nd question, if it is a bad F770 camera and I were to replace it... is the rear F770 camera that came with it compatible with any other thinkware cameras besides the F770?

As far as car batteries go, I have 3 AGM XS Power battery bank in my car.