Thinkware F770 vs iRoad v9


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Jan 6, 2017
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Hong Kong
I wanted to write a comparison of these two cameras in terms of their functionalities. I chose to install the iRoad v9 first and then replaced it with the Thinkware F770 after one day use. What I don't like in iRoad is the lack of a power switch, as most often when my car is back at home, I don't need the camera to be on. The second thing is about the wifi, it is also constantly on and my phone is always connected to its wifi and no more connected to the internet.
F770 has the wifi turned off automatically and you need to switch it on when you want to use it. It may be cumbersome for some people and I think this firmware is not stable, if you switch it on and off several times, the wifi is not responsive and you need to power reset the device.
Hope this little comparison can help when you make your choice.