Thinkware F800 Pro + Power Magic Pro (PMP)?


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May 14, 2018
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Purchasing my first dash cam and think I've settled on the Thinkware F800 Pro for the front and rear. Plan on keeping it for a long time so went with the F800 Pro vs the F800, as the Pro allows for higher capacity as far as the Micro SD card. Also, I like the all-black design lol

I'm an amateur when it comes to dash cams, so wondering how to power the cams when the car is turned off, as it seems to be called Parking Mode. After some research, I was gonna go with the Power Magic Pro as it sounds like there are a bunch of different configurations available to me (e.g. power, time, etc.). However, on the Black Box My Car website, it states the following:

"Similarly, hardwire kits like the Power Magic Pro, Multi-Safer, or Vico Power Plus are also not recommended for Thinkware dash cams as they will also not activate parking mode properly."

They seem to be steering me towards one of the four options located on their website:

1) BlackboxMyCar hardwiring kit
2) Thinkware hardwiring kit
3) Cellink B with Spliced Output Cable
4) Cellink Neo with Spliced Output Cable

Like I said, I'm an amateur so is their statement about PMP merely a sales pitch or is there validity to their statement, and I should be looking at one of the four options? If not PMP, which option makes the most sense?


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Apr 5, 2018
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I think it's more that it's not really needed as much.. the F800 Pro has built-in battery protection. It has voltage cut-off and a timer shut off feature, so there's not a lot of reason to get a PMP as that would just double up the features.
You'd get the same result with any of those hardwiring kits.

The cellink batteries are slightly a different story since it adds the external battery as a point of connection between the car to the dashcam.
Which gives you a little extra protection from your car's battery - you could choose not to hardwire at all and still use parking mode if you had an external battery pack like one of those.