Thinkware U3000 will not enter parking mode


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Oct 21, 2023
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United Kingdom
Hi all. Got a Thinkware U3000 2 ch dashcam. It has been hardwired to my Mercedes GLE. However, after setting up with dashcam link app via my mobile then setting up with thinkware connected via a mobile hotspot in my car. The thing will not go into parking mode when I turn the car off, it remains in driving mode or turned off. I cannot get it to change. Because it is in driving mode it is draining my battery every few days and I end up unplugging it. I am at my wits end with this thing.. help please. All settings are as Thinkware website and as recommended by Black box.
How exactly is it hardwired? OBD or the traditional hardwire cable? If you’re using the hardwire cable, what is the ignition triggered wire connected to? I wonder if it’s incorrectly connected to something that stays on when your GLE is parked so the U3000 doesn’t know when to switch into parking mode.
Thanks, it is hardwired to the fusebox in the boot Of the car, not sure whether it is permanent or switched live though. Your suspicions were the same as mine as the thing (my new name for it) stays on all the time although the x on the dashcam changes from orange to blue, the red record X stays on all the time as does the blue x for GPS. When the battery is charged it is at 12.8v but quickly drops to 12.1v but stays on, it does not switch off, although the connected app says turned off. Only way I can stop it is to physically switch it off or h plug it. Also noticed it is red hot to the touch at times.
Yeah the voltage drop when the engine turns off is normal.

In my Audi, all the fuses are hot when parked so my installer had to tap into a cig. lighter port since that was the only ignition triggered source we had available. It makes me wonder if there’s something similar in your MB and so it could be a good idea for you or your installer to verify that the dashcam’s ignition triggered wire is indeed connected to something that turns off when the car is parked.
I have ordered a Thinkware obd cable just to check if it an in correctly wired hardware install. If it is then it's back to the installer to put it right.
I think I may have figured out the dashcam issue. I think the installer may have wired this into the wrong fuse in the boot and this is why the machine is in in permanent drive mode, I.e. recording all the time and may be contributory to draining the car battery. I do not think the voltage changes when you turn off the ignition or lock the car and the dashcam thinks it is still in driving mode.

I purchased a thinkware OBD cable and plugged this into the cars OBD port and disconnected the power supply that the installer used to connect it to the fusebox and the car now goes into parking mode after 5 minutes of the car being locked and the dashcam stays cool (previously it was getting red hot to the touch).

I cannot get the Thinkware connected app to change from driving mode to parking mode but when the car is locked there are no lights on the dashcam. If i walk around it then I can see the red X flashing to indicate it is parking recording and then goes blank again after a few seconds.

I now need to get the installer to connect it to the correct hardwire fuse.

Anyone have thoughts why Thinkware connected app does not change from driving to parked on the app?
Also, am I correct that once you are away from the car neither the Thinkware Connected app or the Dashcam link apps connect to the dashcam until I am back in the car. I.e. I cannot be miles away and look at what is happening in the car?