[ Trashcam Test ] USB Cam put in the car


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Jun 11, 2015
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Dash Cam
Front: 70MAI , Ausdom A261, Mini 0826 , Rear: A118c

Here is that cheap USB cam sample video .

1) It works
2) The video not good
3) Audio is not that great
4) requires a fast SD card or the video files corrupt
5) It is cheap and simple to use

Seriously , this is a cheap cam . Possibly the cheapest cam you can put in your car .
Ok , I was surprised = Cos it works !
Video is ? but is cheap insurance !
As long as the cam works !

Would I buy one ? ( Well , Actually I did ) ....

Does it work on the PC ?
No it does not .
I can not use this cam VIA PC ..
It might record to the SD card , but I can not utilise the cam thru Windows or VIA Cam software .
So just plug it into a USB power source and record video to the Micro SD card .