Tuto: make M6+ speaks in english or french (for firmware

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    Hi All,

    M6+ is a good dashcam but vocal messages are only in Chinese.
    Almost one year ago, i've I created a language pack for my M6+ to make it speak in French (or English).
    It works well on my M6+.
    I've used firmware is to make compatible the GPS file with registorviewer freeware software.
    I've tested the package language on firmware and and no worries.
    Warning: i don't know if it works with new firmware because i'm not using it.

    How i did it:

    I could retrieve 15 sound files from my M6+ , translate vocal messages into french (and english).
    Then with this speech synthetiser web site, I recreate them in audio files, , convert them into the M6+ plus (pcm format) and reinject them in the dashcam with an update package to replace only modified sound files.

    Retrieved sound files list:
    1. aud_close.pcm (sound when dashcam shutdown)
    2. aud_evtwarning.pcm (dong sound)
    3. aud_gain.pcm (longer dong sound)
    4. aud_gpsing.pcm (vocal message: searching Gps...)
    5. aud_gpsok.pcm (vocal message:: Gps successfully locked)
    6. aud_gpsout.pcm (vocal message:: Gps signal lost)
    7. aud_normal.pcm (sound message ( i don't know the meaning))
    8. aud_open.pcm (vocal message:hello DinDinPai ! dingdong)
    9. aud_open2.pcm (sound message ding dong (sound in the end of "hello dindin pai")
    10. aud_parking.pcm (sound short melody)
    11. aud_snap.pcm (sound of shot camera noise)
    12. aud_updating_16.pcm ( vocal message:"updating in progress")
    13. aud_wifibegin.pcm (vocal message: "wifi started")
    14. aud_wififail.pcm (vocal message "wifi connexion failed")
    15. aud_wifiok.pcm (vocal message "wifi connected")

    But in fact, on my dascham, i've only heard "hello DDpai" & "GPS successfully locked". But it's enough for me ;)

    The update pack language

    Update pack language us woman (jenny).zip

    Vocal messages texts have become:
    • aud_gpsing.pcm : "Searching for GPS"
    • aud_gpsok.pcm : "GPS successfully locked"
    • aud_gpsout.pcm : "Sorry GPS signal lost"
    • aud_open.pcm : "(DinDong), Hello device started"
    • aud_parking.pcm : " (melody) Parking mode started"
    • aud_updating_16.pcm : "Update in progress. Please don't switch off"
    • aud_wifibegin.pcm : "WIFI started"
    • aud_wififail.pcm : "Sorry WIFI failed"
    • aud_wifiok.pcm : "WIFI succesfully connected"

    Update pack french woman language.zip
    • aud_gpsing.pcm : "Recherche signal GPS en cours"
    • aud_gpsok.pcm : "Connexion GPS réussie"
    • aud_gpsout.pcm : "Désolé, décrochage du GPS"
    • aud_open.pcm : "(DinDong), Bonjour, caméra mise en route"
    • aud_parking.pcm : " (melody) Mode parking"
    • aud_updating_16.pcm : "Mise à jour en cours, ne pas éteindre l'appareil s'il vous plait"
    • aud_wifibegin.pcm : "Démarrage WIFI"
    • aud_wififail.pcm : "Désolé, la connexion WIFI a échoué"
    • aud_wifiok.pcm : "Connexion WIFI réussie"

    Original chinese language package

    How to install it ?

    Disclaimer: please do this under your own responsability, and i cannot be held responsible in case of any problem.

    Unzip the language pack at the root of the SD card, then turn on the camera to update.
    Do not turn off the camera during the update!!!
    The camera after the reboot should speak in the installed language.

    If the pack does not fit you, reinstall the original chinese package or original firmware.

    Make your own vocal or sound message:

    I've used linux Ubuntu for this (sorry i don't know the conversion softwares to do it in windows)

    I make the new sound in wav format and i convert it in pcm format with command lines.
    The file name has to need to the same file name as the original sound file.
    And replace or add it, in the update pack in "/update/share/aud_res" directory.

    Convert wav to pcm command line:
    ffmpeg -i <audio file>.wav -ar 16000 -f s16le -acodec pcm_s16le <audio file>.pcm

    ffmpeg -i aud_open.wav -ar 16000 -f s16le -acodec pcm_s16le aud_open.pcm

    To check or listen pcm audio file:
    mplayer -rawaudio samplesize=2:channels=1:rate=16000 -demuxer rawaudio <file name>.pcm

    mplayer -rawaudio samplesize=2:channels=1:rate=16000 -demuxer rawaudio aud_open.pcm
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    I'm sure that shenanigans will ensue from this.

    Imagine the messages being replaced by farts, belches, gunshots, etc.... :whistle:
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    Thanks, also works with the software.

    I have only heard the start up message and GPS logged.

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